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“Investing regularly ensures consistent savings and peace of mind.”

Evelyn Miller | Entrepreneur and writer | 50 years old
Participant since 1997

Get to know Lyn Miller

Lyn takes calculated risks when it comes to life and financial decisions

What are you doing to prepare for retirement?

“Between taking care of my family and various graduate school experiences, I have worked fifteen of the twenty-seven years since college at four different educational institutions.
I love how my pre-tax [retirement plan] savings have been invested every pay period, thus freeing me from worrying about market ups and downs. When I was younger and owned individual stocks, I found it incredibly stressful, always wondering when was the best time to buy or sell. Not anymore. Investing on a regular basis ensures consistent savings as well as peace of mind.”

What is your current focus?

“I am just turning 50, so I have some time. In many ways, I feel as if I am just getting started. No longer hampered by earlier expectations and constraints, I am free to re-create my professional life. My husband and I are enjoying our house, teenage kids and extended families, knowing that the next fifteen to twenty years will fly by.”

How has having children influenced your financial planning?

“My kids were my primary motivations for investing in solar hot water and electric. While we could have invested that money in an alternative energy company, we chose to invest in something tangible and real.
We wanted our children to see our willingness to take a risk, to experiment with a new technology. We also wanted them to see that there are many ways of getting a financial return. For us, there was peace of mind in knowing that even when the electric prices went up last year, we were not impacted as much because we generated 70% of our own. We were less vulnerable to those price fluctuations.”
Working Together

How has TIAA helped you?

“I am incredibly grateful for the ease and flexibility of having a TIAA account.”
–Lyn Miller


“I rolled over my IRA from another financial firm to TIAA, consolidating my finances. I am excited to see my retirement savings have continued to grow.”

College planning

“We have put money aside in our state’s 529 College Savings Plan. That has been extremely helpful and enabled us to fund much of their college savings.”


She describes TIAA’s Woman2Woman community as an “incredibly inspiring community of thoughtful investors.”
Investing Style

Lyn’s investment strategy is inspired by her passion for gardening

“The Social Choice fund reflects my values, just as our vegetable garden reflects our commitment to self-sufficiency. [Other types of investments], like shrubs and flowers in our landscape, reflect my commitment to nurturing birds, bees, and butterflies. It is all part of a synergistic whole.” –Lyn Miller
Lyn's Inspirations

“Successful financial planning is like beautiful garden design. It necessitates balance, diversity and lots of patience.”

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You can give your retirement a boost by opening an IRA.

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Help your children pursue their academic passions.
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